Chapter 1 - Business Driven Technology

Learning Outcomes
1.1 Compare management information system (MIS) and information technology (IT)
1.2 Describe the relationships among people, information technology, and information
1.3 Identify four different department in a typical business and explain how technology helps them to       work together
1.4 Compare the four different types of organizational information cultures and decide which cultures       applies to your school

  • Organizational typically operate by functional areas or functional silos 
  • Functional areas are interdependent
Information Technology Basics

Information technology (IT)
  • A field concerned with the use of technology in managing and processing information
  • Information technology is an important enabler of business success and innovation
Management information system (MIS) 
  • A general name for the business function and academic discipline covering the application of people, technologies, and procedures to solve business problems
  • MIS is a business function similar to accounting, finance, operations and human resources
  • When beginning to learn about information technology it is important to understand i) Data, information and business intelligence IT resources ii) IT cultures

  • Data - raw fact that describe the characteristic of an event
  • Information - data converted into a meaningful and useful context 
  • Business intelligence - applications and technologies that are used to support decision-making efforts

IT Resources
  • People use
  • Information technology to work with
  • Information
IT Cultures
  • Organizational information cultures include:
  • information-Functional Culture
  • Informational-Sharing Culture
  • Information-Inquiring Culture
  • Information-Discovery Culture

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